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Nepal Peak Climbing

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Nepal is a country of diversities and full of scenic beauties where each and every part of the country speaks a little about the adventure when you walk & travel. In the same respect, here we're to introduce about the expedition and its outline in Nepal and the programs that we provide you for your enjoyment depending upon the level of interest here on. The expedition is simply defined as touching the Himalayas and experiencing the atmosphere therein. Following programs are designed for those who are really interested to touch and feel the atmosphere of the Himalayan range. The mountains of Nepal are an irresistible landmark of the world's adventures since Nepal opened its doors to the visitor in the lower peaks. Although by Himalayan standards 33 "Trekking Peaks" are considered minor peaks, they nonetheless provide snow & ice climbing, and technically quite challenging. Mountaineering team can apply for a permit at Mountaining section of the ministry of culture.



Chulu East Peak Climbing


27 Days

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